Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What A Weekend

Hello All...

What a wild and wooly weekend!! Two amazing things happened.

First, I had the opportunity to baptize Emily. It was a beautiful time for both Tina and I. Emily had asked about being baptized earlier this month, and when we asked her why she said she wanted to let everyone know that she had Jesus in her heart.

Second, we had our first youth congregation gathering...Frequency 412!! It was unbelievable. To see the kids take the reins of this was incredible. We had 37 students in attendance and with adults...it came to 44 total!! Our next gathering is on Sunday, July 31.

Finally, Wal-Mart called me last week and pitched in an additional $2000 for the Big Trout Lake trip. We are done with our fundraising and are putting some finishing touches on before we leave on July 13.

Thanks again for all of your support...the Hill family is truly blessed by all of you. Have a great week.

jeff, emily, tina

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Have A Great Summer!

Hello All...

Hope your week is going well. We are ready for summer!! The youth have been in exams all week, and everything is winding down...but for Sanctuary Student Ministries we are gearing up. Just a couple of things for you to keep in prayer:

1. Frequency412...our first youth congregation begins this Sunday!!
2. Big Trout Lake...pray for God to use the eRuption team as they go to reach the native children of the reserve.
3. The Hill Family...that we can survive the summer of exciting activites!!

God Bless You All,
jeff, emily, tina hill

Sunday, June 19, 2005

This is our logo for the new youth congregation!! Posted by Hello

A New Era

Hope you all have had a great week. I'm still getting the hang of this 'blogging' stuff, but I'm getting better each day. Just wanted to ask you to keep us in prayer as we begin a new era with Sanctuary Student Ministries. Frequency 412 is our new youth congregation beginning this coming Sunday at the theartres.

This serves a two-fold purpose. One, it's to give our students an opportunity to use their gifts and talents that they have and raise up future leaders. Two, it's a way for our students to bring their un-churched friends. This week please pray specifically for our first preview gathering. We are praying for 50 students to attend. Thanks again for all your support for what we do here in Canada. God bless each of you.

the hills...jeff, emily, tina

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Big Trout Lake 2005!!! Posted by Hello

Hill Family Update

hello all...everything is great up here in Canada. Just looking forward to Big Trout Lake!! We sent up 43 boxes of stuff...18 of which are donations from churches. Wow...how exciting is that. We are also looking forward to getting down to the states to visit family and friends. That is happening in August. Other than that...Emily has a week and a half left of school.

Our youth group has been growing the last month. Usually we are shrinking during the summer months. But God has been blessing our ministry. Thanks again for all of your prayers and support over the years. May God bless you for your obedience.

Just saying hello Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hello From The Great White North

Hey everyone!! This is the Hills first blog site...it will be under construction for a little while, but we will be up and running in the very near future. Have a great day.

jeff, emily, and tina