Thursday, July 28, 2005

Finally Back Home!!

Hello All...

What a wonderful time at Big Trout Lake. We had a great camp, and are already talking about next year. We topped out at 65 kids...that was awesome. We did come to the reserve at an ackward time. There was one suicide, one murder, and someone drown just a month before we got there. But through that God was able to do some incredible things. I was able to meet the youth whose father was murdered by his brother. We were able to talk about that and he mentioned that he wasn't worth saving, and I was able to share how God doesn't give up on matter how old we are.

In the next few months, we are looking to have an eRuption website up. We are already beginning to talk about next year. Also, the chief of Big Trout is open to us using the hockey arena for next year's camp and making renovations to the church and adding on. Thanks again for your support. Have a great week.

For the Jesus Cause,
jeff, emily, and tina hill

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

project : bigtroutlake

Well, we are off and running tomorrow morning!! On our way to Big Trout Lake in northern Ontario. We will be driving for 24 hours and then on Saturday, we will fly for one hour to the reserve. We ask that you pray for three things specifically:

1. Pray that God would work through us.
2. Pray that God would use us.
3. Pray that God would change us.

Thanks for doing that. We will talk to you again in about 3 weeks. Have a great week.

jeff, emily, tina

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We finally got the pictures of Emily's baptism!! What a great day for the whole Hill family. Have a great week!!

jeff, emily, tina

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Countdown Is On!!

Hello all...hope your week was great. Emily is finally out of school, this past Friday we celebrated Canada Day. The Sanctuary thought that it was going to be a light week, but the opposite was true for the long weekend. We saw many new faces. Also we took the youth out to lunch. There were about 25 youth, and including parents...we had 33!! We know it's God doing something in the lives of the students, because some of them had friends with them.

We only have 9 more days until Big Trout Lake. God has been amazing this week. In two days He provided $7000!!! Whatever is left this year will go to the children for Christmas boxes again, and to make some repairs on the church that we run camp out of.

Finally...because of the long weekend, The Sanctuary thought it was going to be a light day. The opposite was true. We had a great turnout. There has been a couple coming for the past month. The husband (Justin) was raised Catholic, but really enjoys coming. His sister is in the youth group, and they came out to lunch with us today. The men of The Sanctuary are playing flag football next week. He asked me if I was going because he wanted to know someone who was going. What a neat thing God is beginning to do in his and his family's life.

Have a great 4th of July...we will talk to you soon. Also again...thanks for supporting the Hill family and our efforts here in Canada.

For the Jesus Cause...
jeff, emily, tina hill

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